Benjamin Netanyahu is set to negotiate a corruption trial – Let’s See Todays News Updates

It is understood that the former Israeli Prime Minister is in talks with the State Prosecutor’s Office on the admission of two breaches of trust.

Benjamin Netanyahu could be banned from political life for up to seven years.

Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is close to reaching an agreement in court on corruption, which could lead to a sudden end to his tumultuous political career and a resurgence of Israeli politics.
On Sunday, Israeli media reported that Likud party leader and opposition leader Netanyahu, who has been in government for 12 years last year, has held advanced talks with the provincial prosecutor’s office.
According to reports, Netanyahu will admit two cases of breach of trust, sentence him to probation and several months in prison, and turn it into a public service.
The rest of the issue is that the accusation of Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit of moral insult is an official statement by Netanyahu that he will not despair.
The former prime minister is on trial for selling a major Israeli telecommunications company for preferential treatment in response to a positive article on the Walla news site. He is also accused of seeking good protection in the second case and receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars in gifts from wealthy friends.
The 72-year-old has repeatedly called on law enforcement, the media and the courts to step down as prime minister and launch a “witch hunt” against him in 2019, refusing to step down after he was indicted.
His trial officially began in 2020, when the country experienced four elections, a two-year political crisis, and voters were stuck on Netanyahu’s leadership and indictment.
The trial is expected to drag on for years, but Mandelblit’s attorney general’s term expires later this month and the prime minister’s legal team appears to have decided to file a lawsuit, as Netanyahu’s successor is unlikely to take precedence. The deal is closed.
Retired Supreme Court President Aaron Barak, a longtime ally of Netanyahu, has reportedly acted as a liaison between the former prime minister and public prosecutors. In an interview with the Ynet news website, he said of his role in the deal: “I think this is a unique indictment and trial, and it is divisive in the nation. Attempts to close this rift should be agreed upon. This position is positive for the state of Israel. which is a vital position. “
On Sunday, the daily Yedioth Ahronoth quoted a Likud source as saying that Netanyahu, who had kept the deal a secret from his party in recent months, had “shifted to lower gear.”
The former prime minister “canceled the faction meeting, which was” decentralized, decentralized, rarely attended by the Knesset. The only thing he did was attack senior party members and post a childish video on TikTok. This is no way to lead the opposition. . “–ver-scream-2022–pelcula-completa–2138820585

With the application, Netanyahu could be banned from political life for up to seven years and end his career effectively.
It could also provoke a leadership race for Likud, with unpredictable consequences. Attempts to destabilize the multilateral coalition government, which was sworn in last June, could jeopardize Likud’s election of a new leader.
However, if the party can reach a comprehensive agreement on a new leader, the right-wing members of the ruling coalition may consider lifting the current arrangements, leading a new Likud leader and forming a more politically cohesive government.
Netanyahu is negotiating a compromise on defamation of former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert while reaching an agreement on corruption.
Likud leader Netanyahu, his wife Sarah and eldest son Jair, as well as right-wing activists who are mentally ill, have demanded compensation of 837,000 shekels (£ 197,000) from Olmerto.
Judge Amit Yariv suggested during last week’s trial that Olmert’s comments be more of an opinion than a fact – an agreement could be reached, according to a spokesman for Netanyahu’s family, but there was no direct signal that Olmert would not agree.

Apart from Netanyahu, Olmert is the only Israeli prime minister to stand trial on corruption charges. He was convicted in 2015 and served two-thirds of his 27-month sentence for fraud.

The hostages were released after a clash in a Texas synagogue, and a gunman was killed

The hostage demanded the release of Aafia Siddiqui, a Pakistani neurologist imprisoned in the United States, officials said.

SWAT team members stand near the Beth Israel Synagogue in Congress in Colliville, Texas

Four hostages at a synagogue in the US state of Texas were released more than 10 hours after gunmen disrupted a religious service and clashed with police. Local journalists said they heard the sound of an explosion. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott opened fire shortly before announcing the end of the crisis.
“Prayer answered. All hostages are safe and sound,” Abbott wrote on Twitter.
On Saturday night, members of the FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team stormed an Israeli church to free the hostages, and released one prisoner unharmed early in the day.
Colliville Police Chief Michael Miller said the gunman was dead, but authorities declined to confirm the cause of death.
The FBI has identified the gunman but said it would not release him.
The case was first reported to the Colliville Police Department at 10:41 a.m. local time (GMT 16:41) local time on Saturday during “Shabbat.”
Police deployed a SWAT team and evacuated residents.
They demanded the release of Aafia

Matt DeSarno, a special agent for the FBI in Dallas, said the four hostages, including a local rabbi, did not need medical attention and would be reunited with their families soon.
“He didn’t harm them in any way,” he said.
Pakistani neurologist Aafia Siddiqui, who was sentenced to 86 years in prison for assaulting and shooting U.S. military officers after being arrested in Afghanistan in 2010, has been released on bail, officials say.
The sentencing has angered Pakistan’s political leaders and supporters, who see him as a victim of the US criminal justice system. Siddiqui is being held in a Texas federal jail.
DeSarno did not confirm the suspect’s claim, but said they “focused on an issue that did not pose a particular threat to the Jewish community.”
ABC News initially identified the man as Siddique’s brother, but later revealed that his younger brother was in Houston.
Siddique’s lawyer told CNN that he had “no involvement” in the hostage crisis. The lawyer confirmed that the man was not Siddique’s brother and condemned his actions.

During a protest rally in Karachi, Pakistan, on October 8, 2021, people held flags and signs demanding the release of Aafia Siddiqui.

During the conflict, a live broadcast of the morning service of the meeting, which lasted for four hours on Facebook, did not show a picture of the building, but apparently captured the voice of one person.
He did not want to offend anyone and heard over and over again that he believed he would die, reports the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.
Barry Klompus, a member of the association since its inception in 1999, told Reuters that it had adapted live broadcasts.
“It was horrible to hear and see, it’s even scarier not to know,” Klompus said in a telephone interview.
CAIR condemns “bad” actions

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