Behold the fearsome Tyrannosaurus rex — all swaddled in a cozy Christmas sweater. The replica T. rex at the Natural History Museum in London is an enormous, ferocious-looking beast that was built to scale, standing about 60 percent the size of the 40-foot-long prehistoric creature. The animatronic attraction, which featuresContinue Reading

Still, the fact that the bees on the island managed to spend weeks inside the hive insulating themselves from such oppressive conditions was surprising — and even inspirational, Dr. Steinhauer said. “It is a very empowering story,” she said. “It tells a lot about the resilience of honeybees.” For overContinue Reading

In 1951, Henrietta Lacks, a Black mother of five who was dying of cervical cancer, went to Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore for treatment. Without her knowledge or consent, doctors removed a sample of cells from the tumor in her cervix. They gave the sample to a researcher at JohnsContinue Reading

For decades, the breathtaking ruins that have brought hundreds of thousands of tourists to Peru every year have gone by the name Machu Picchu, or “Old Mountain” in Quechua, the language of the Incas spoken by millions today. The name is all over signs welcoming visitors to the settlement inContinue Reading

It was promoted as a New Year’s Eve celebration in Cancún, Mexico — a six-night trip that included parties with open bars and a day exploring Tulum, a popular tourist destination in the Yucatán Peninsula known for its ancient ruins and the turquoise water of its beaches. It would beginContinue Reading