“With very little resistance from party leaders,” my colleague Lisa Lerer wrote this summer, many Republicans “have elevated falsehoods and doubts about vaccinations from the fringes of American life to the center of our political conversation.” ‘Owning the left’ With the death count rising, at least a few Republicans appearContinue Reading

Describing Congress as dysfunctional seems unobjectionable, even clichéd. I’ve done it myself this summer. Yet as the current session enters its final months, the description feels off. The 117th Congress has been strikingly functional. On a bipartisan basis, it has passed bills to build roads and other infrastructure; tighten gunContinue Reading

In the back and forth over workplace power, American employers have been getting the better of employees for the past few decades. Companies have been getting bigger, giving them greater ability to set prices and wages. Labor unions have been shrinking, leaving workers with less ability to negotiate for raises.Continue Reading