Happy Thanksgiving. This year’s holiday is more normal than last year’s, before the Covid vaccines had arrived. But it still is unusual for many families, involving some combination of antigen tests, outdoor meals (where the weather allows) and underlying anxiety. With that mind, my colleagues and I put together aContinue Reading

Among the Covid experts I regularly talk with, Dr. Robert Wachter is one of the more cautious. He worries about “long Covid,” and he believes that many people should receive booster shots. He says that he may wear a mask in supermarkets and on airplanes for the rest of hisContinue Reading

The United States economy suffers from a problem that you can think of as investment-deficit disorder. For several decades, we have spent heavily on short-term consumption while ignoring many of a modern economy’s long-term needs. As a result, other affluent countries now have better high-speed internet access and less expensiveContinue Reading

People vote based less on their income and more on their cultural attitudes, as my colleague Nate Cohn has explained. Sometimes, these attitudes are related to specific matters of policy, like immigration or abortion. Other times, they involve more personal subjects, like religion or patriotism. “As they’ve grown in numbers,Continue Reading