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Pat Cash blows up where Nick Kyrgios accuses Aussies of “cheating” and dragging tennis through the mud at Wimbledon.

Australian tennis legend Pat Cash slammed Nick Kyrgios, accusing him of having “gaming skill” and “cheating” as he said the Canberranian tennis player had dragged down tennis at “Low level” with his antics at Wimbledon

1987 Wimbledon winner Cash was speaking in the context of Kyrgios’ feudal match against Stefanos Tsitsipas on Sunday (AEST). The 27-year-old won in four sets. But after that, Tsitsipas called him a “bully” and “evil”, urging other players to Team up and force Kyrgios to change his behavior.

Kyrgios, who called for Tsitsipas to default for hitting the ball into the crowd during the match. Denied any wrongdoing and said his Greek opponent was “soft” if he was unable to deal with what was happening on the pitch.

Kyrgios has always divided the world of tennis, and this year the All England Club was no different — but it was clear where Cash stood on the fence.

“It was pure chaos,” said Cash, who commented at the Grand Slam. told BBC Radio “He brought tennis to the lowest level I could see with his gaming skills, cheating, embezzlement, harassment. Aggressive behavior towards directors to the lineman

“He was lucky to get past the first set. He should have been defaulted in the first set. There is something to be done about it. It’s just a perfect circus.

“Is it fun? Yes, maybe, it’s definitely the limit now.”

More press about what he meant by “cheating” Cash added: “Gaming the harassment he provided.

“Tsitsipas will make a call and he will go up there and start complaining. He will face off – that’s part of the game skill. that’s what he did And I think there is a limit.”

“I have no problem with the agility of the game. but when reaching that level I think it’s out of control.

“As usual, the referee lost control, the boys were running across the court while Kyrgios was serving, he didn’t slow down for that.

“Tsitsipas is crazy about it. So it’s fun and fascinating, but for me it’s gone too far now.”

Seven-time winner Mats Wilander said “I’ve never seen anything like it” and doesn’t like what Kyrgios has to offer on the world’s most famous turf.

“I’m not sure I want to see anything like that again, to be honest because I don’t think this is what we want to promote in tennis,” Willander told Eurosport.

“We want to encourage it to be inspiring, educated, but this is something people might want to see. I’m not sure I’m a huge fan of what happened.”

John McEnroe, who is no stranger to blowouts on the pitch and taking on the role of referee during his playing career, he strongly criticized Kyrgios in a lecture on ESPN.

“It’s embarrassing. He doesn’t have to do all of this,” McEnroe said. “It’s scary how good he is – that’s sad in a way.”

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