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In the middle of her return to international athletics this weekend, Ash Barty opened up at the time of her interest in Tiger Woods.

Ash Barty Opens Up About Golf Legend Tiger Woods as she returns to international sporting events this weekend.

Queenslander has shown how serious she is to explore the golfing career by signing up for the Icons Series, which will be watched by TV viewers around the world as well. with championships with famous athletes This includes 23-time Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps, NFL defender Ben Roethlisberger, boxing star Canelo Alvarez, English footballer Harry Kane and Aussie cricket legend Ricky Ponting.

It was the first day of mixed results for Barty who matched Tottenham’s Kane to win the “Greensome” tournament.

But both lost the match four goals against former baseball player John Smoltz and former NBA star J.R. Smith.

Barty then teamed up with fellow Aussie Ponting, but they lost a four-ball match against former NFL players Reggie Bush and Michael Vick.

Day two of the tournament will be broadcast worldwide and to tackle your golf problems, watch the Icons Series on Fox Sports and Kayo from 4am (AEST) on Saturday mornings.

Barty won the women’s tournament at Brookwater Golf and Country Club on the outskirts of Brisbane in April. and she plays with a 4 handicap

She has always been a talented golfer. And two years ago, Barty stunned Woods at an exhibition.

“She has a great swing. Are you kidding?” Woods exclaimed after Barty threw a wedge into Melbourne’s Yarra River ahead of the 2019 Presidents Cup in Royal Melbourne.

Reflecting on that moment, Barty confessed that she was extremely nervous hitting a golf club just meters away from Woods. But she couldn’t hit the ball any better.

“I’m doing great. I really can,” she told Fox Sports golf expert Paul Gow in an interview with Fox Sports and Kayo ahead of this weekend’s Icons Series.

“I try to think a lot. and the ball is the ball that will float So it’s a little different. I’m just overthinking But wash it and hit it well.

“It was really nice to experience something that took me out of my comfort zone and with so many amazing golfers surrounding (me). A few shots from the photographer behind me hitting the golf ball. which I never thought would happen in my life.

“But it was a terrible experience to see them too at Royal Melbourne, one of the most demanding courses in Australia.

“To be able to see those kids walk around and show what they can do and show how they can adjust. i am really happy From the point of view of the athlete and from the athlete but also as a fan and seeing the boys These are the best.”

When asked what impressed her the most about Woods. Barty replied: “His longevity, frankly.–1656686616–KinnPorsche-EP-13-2022-TV-Thai

“He is one of the greatest players ever to play the game. And I think how he can have such a long career. Such a successful career and continued to fight. competitiveness the way he did without a slight defeat The witty and real tiger he is. “He has a competitive nature. He is truly a beast. I think his methods are really impressive. And it has inspired generations to choose golf clubs and see how they look.

“When you have those athletes They are not very far apart. And I think it’s really a privilege. For many people around the world who have watched him do what he does and truly dominate the sport.”

After the first day of the Icons Series, Team USA leads 10-5 overall over Rest of the World team.

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