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Alberta Energy Minister Sonia Savage answers a question from Allan on Thursday, October 21, 2021.

Alberta’s energy minister, Sonia Savage, is urging all Albertans to read the final report of a public opinion poll against government-sponsored Steve Allan.
Looking at the 650-page report, not many people know how to do it.
Therefore, I would like to summarize the reference in a single paragraph written by Allan himself: “To be very clear, I have not received any comments from individuals or organizations on any illegal activities. I do not think I have any individuals or organizations. They did something illegal. In fact, they exercised their freedom of speech. “
This is not proof that Prime Minister Jason Kenny’s ruthless foreign-funded conspiracy of environmental organizations used subversive means to successfully shut down Alberta’s energy projects.
The government’s $ 3.5 million goal of a two-year energy campaign against Alberta “does nothing wrong or illegal, and basically seems to be exercising a fundamental constitutional right.”
During a press conference on Thursday, Savage said it did not matter whether any of the environmental groups’ “anti-Alberta” activities were legal or illegal. He just thinks it’s their fault and has killed various energy projects such as the North Gate, the Energy East, the Keystone XL pipeline project, and the border oil mine.
Moreover, neither he nor Allan can say that any anti-pipeline campaign has stopped any project. In fact, you could argue that projects like the North Gate have been killed by a court order, and that the Keystone XL is a victim of American politics.
Allan was also unable to “determine” the exact amount of foreign money involved in the environmental campaign against the pipeline and oil to Canada.
This amount is estimated at about a billion dollars, but it seems to be too much. This includes more than $ 400 million for Ducks Unlimited, a waterfowl-friendly organization that has no action against Alberta, including an “environmental initiative” for all national programs and organizations. Former Kenny Secretary-General Larry Cowmeyer served as chief executive.
You won’t find many financial details about Ducks Unlimited in Allan’s report or in a report commissioned by Deloitte accounting firm. Surprisingly, Deloitte changed some parts of the report.
This is a hypocritical approach to inquiries, requiring governments to be more transparent and accountable about their finances.
Despite digging into financial issues, Allan could earn more than $ 54 million, or $ 3 million a year, as detailed in the 2003-2019 Anti-Alberta Resource Development Act.
It had a budget of $ 30 million a year, compared to the Canadian Energy Center, which the government misrepresented, and the government dropped to $ 12 million when it realized that the “war room” was more capable than shooting itself. on foot.

Alberta Prime Minister Jason Kenny spoke at a news conference last month. The probe was the result of Kenny and the UCP’s election promises.

Interestingly, Allan did not like the energy center and “made a few mistakes from the beginning and failed to restore his reputation.”

He criticized the central government, saying “his credibility is being seriously undermined by the removal of the three-chamber cabinet.” One of the cabinet ministers is Sonia Savage.
Savaj demands that the energy center be open and transparent, but in reality it operates under a ban that allows Albertans, including the media, to use the state’s freedom of information law to enter.
It seems that we have a government that refuses to train ourselves and demands more responsibility from others.
Political theater

Interestingly, the commissioner of public inquiry into the energy campaign against Alberta-Alberta, who never liked the term “anti-Alberta,” said it was “not beneficial or productive.”
It can be argued that Kenny’s “fighting” strategy, which is part of the Allan Reference, is not useful or creative.
Allan did not attend a press conference on Thursday and instead said he would not comment because of the legal restrictions on commissioners. Yes, but we’ve seen commissioners hold press conferences in the past, for example, when Judge John Homer reported on his 2005 study of the federation’s sponsorship scandal.
Kenny was in the center of the crowd when he announced the Allan investigation in July 2019, but did not attend the press conference.
The unfortunate reality for Kenny is that his “fighting” strategy, which he introduced during the 2019 state election, scored against only one goal, which is his government’s conviction. The war room was a joke, and its logo must be a plastic flower sprinkled with water, and no evidence was found that it violated the law when financial information was misled during the Allan investigation into Alberta. .
Allan’s report includes six recommendations for controlling the inflow of foreign money into Canadian charities, increasing transparency, and involving energy nonprofits.
However, there is nothing to stop or change the activities of environmental groups.
Allan’s reference was a purely political theater aimed at suppressing people’s emotions during the economic crisis, ignoring the fact that the real “culprit” was a world away from fossil fuels.
Another way to summarize the $ 3.5 million, two-year Allan public survey is that there were no public hearings: Some environmental groups were concerned about climate change and spent their time and money on anti-oil campaigns legally. and pipelines.

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