Again, the presidency is putting Nigeria’s interests first – Let’s See Todays News Updates

President Mohammed Bukhari reiterated his rejection of a bill to amend the Electoral Code, saying the move was aimed at protecting the country’s democracy from political parties such as his party, the All Progressive Congress (APC).
In a statement issued in Abuja on Tuesday, Malam Garba Shehu responded to those who had commented on the president’s decision not to approve the draft amendments to the 2021 Election Law.
According to a media aide, the president decided not to approve the amended bill after careful consideration.
The statement said: “The President’s decision not to approve the 2021 Election Law (Amendment) is the focus of media and political attention.
“This is a very good decision because it will affect Nigerians, so the President’s Office has decided to make an official statement to clarify its position.
“Nigeria has become one of the richest economies in Africa, with its strongest nation and the highest standard of living, first and foremost because of the democratic process enshrined in the 2010 Electoral Code,” he said.
“We intend to amend the new draft law,” he said. These amendments are presented as a tool to improve and strengthen our democratic process.
“After careful consideration, the President’s Office found the opposite,” he said.
“But the proposed amendments will have major legal, financial, economic and security consequences for all Nigerians, the main reason for which will be the high cost of holding the primary elections of the parties, which are an integral part of global democracy.”
“And who will cover these costs? Of course, the Nigerian taxpayer. And who benefits? Only the richest political parties.
“While the nation is trying to pull itself out of the economic mud of the global health crisis with its living memory, the new bill has no other benefit, but now is not the time to waste public money.”

He also denied claims that his refusal to approve the draft law on amendments to the presidential election was intended to confuse the 2023 general election in favor of his party, the APC.
A spokesman for the media said: “It’s clear that the election was rigged. It’s not new.
“In 2015, we saw the peaceful transfer of power for the first time in the history of independent Nigeria and heard their cries of personal fraud.
“Then in 2019, President Bukhari was re-elected by more than three million people. We will hear them again in 2023.
“Until then, the president will do everything in his power to protect democracy in the state, and he will not allow the bill to pass.”
“It should be noted that the ruling APC, one of Nigeria’s largest political parties, is one of the beneficiaries of a bill that supports wealthy parties. Protecting the IAAC is not the job of this government.
“It is the responsibility of this government to protect Nigeria, its people and democracy.
“To those who prefer to spend limited public funds on politics in this time of global crisis: Stop these polite games.
“Tell the Nigerian people openly what you want. Put your money in their mouths or yours.”

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