A Chaotic Showdown With A Crossbow-Wielding Man Leaves 2 People Dead : NPR

A man fired a crossbow from a balcony into the street in the Netherlands Friday, in a dangerous and confusing event in which two people died and another victim was injured, police say. The suspect is now in custody; he was also injured.

Police were initially called to the apartment building in the city of Almelo for a reported stabbing incident Friday morning. The two people who died were found inside the building, local media outlet RTV Oost reports.

Police have released few details about what happened, saying their investigation is still ongoing. But it seems clear that the situation escalated very rapidly, as a call for a stabbing turned into a brief standoff with police involving a crossbow.

Video from the scene shows a shirtless man wielding a crossbow and seemingly firing at least one arrow from the balcony of the apartment building.

In the brief footage, at least one gunshot rings out — a shot that evidently came from police. Responding officers had to use their firearms, according to the East Netherlands Police Unit in Overijssel Province. Photos show that police tactical units were among those responding to the scene, and officers had pointed rifles with telescopic sights at the building.

Almelo Mayor Arjen Gerritsen said via Twitter that he is “shocked and upset” by the incident, which he said had a great impact on the neighborhood where it transpired. More information will be released when possible, he added.

It’s not clear what relationship the crossbow-wielding man might have had with the two people who died. Local media report that the Dutch national police are investigating the incident.

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