5,720 government officials and community leaders presented awards at the National Naadam Festival – Let’s See Todays News Updates

Professor Fong Kok Yong receives the Order of Public Administration (Gold) from President Halima Jacob at the 2021 National Day Awards Ceremony

SINGAPORE – Professor Fong Kok Yong helped oversee the work of social welfare agencies to provide better care for Kovid-19 patients during the epidemic in Singapore.
Professor Fong Kovid, SingHealth’s deputy director of medical and clinical services, was involved in the pre-use evaluation of the 19 vaccine.
For more than a decade, he has been awarded the Order of Public Administration (Gold) by President Halima Jacob in recognition of his contribution to Singapore’s public health system.
During a ceremony at the Singapore Exhibition Center on Sunday (November 28th), Professor Fong did not expect to receive the award and said he was “thankful” for accepting it.
Another person who appreciated his contribution to Singapore was Benny Lim Xiang Hoe, chairman of the National Park Council. Together with Richard Magnus, chairman of the Public Transport Council, he was awarded the Order of Merit, the second highest award this year.
Mr. Lim, 64, began his career as a police officer and in 2005 was appointed permanent secretary of the Interior Ministry.
The quote that came with his award reads: “No one before or after Mr. Lim has repeated this unique path.”
In other key positions, Mr. Lim has served as Permanent Secretary to the Ministry of National Development and the Prime Minister’s Office.
He was appointed to his current position in August 2018 and continues his efforts to make Singapore a green city.


Mr. Magnus, 76, served as a district chief judge in 2008 and worked in law for 40 years before retiring.
He was the first head of the Casino Regulatory Authority, he was quoted as saying. He also chaired the Investigative Committee that investigated the 2018 SingHealth cyber attack and recommended that the health sector increase its resilience to such attacks.

Mr. Richard Magnus was awarded the Order of Merit at the 2021 National Holiday Awards

This year’s National Day honors went to DBS Director Peter Xia Lim Huat, 74, who was awarded the Nila Utama Medal.
Mr Siag was praised for his contributions in many areas, including health, finance, aviation and education.
He was the bank’s owner for 33 years before retiring in 2001 as vice president and CEO of Overseas Union. He also served as chairman of SingHealth.
Today, he is chairman of the National Wage Board, Singapore Aviation and Lasalle Arts College.
“Mr. Xia has brought business acumen and wisdom to many roles in both the public and private sectors,” he was quoted as saying in the award.
This year, a total of 5,720 people, including government officials and community leaders, paid tribute to the National Day.

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