Looking beautiful is every woman’s dream. It’s no wonder that women in the world are competing to do various things to look beautiful. In various cultures, beauty has different definitions. Although in general the criteria for beauty have the same characteristics between one culture and another. But did you know that in a number of countries in the world there are traditions that are passed down to make women look beautiful and even this tradition often makes them feel excruciating pain, you know. Here are 15 unique traditions to look beautiful by women from various countries and cultures in the world:

  1. Sharpening teeth in Japan

The unique tradition of looking beautiful, the first is to sharpen the teeth. If you’ve ever seen a vampire movie, that’s the teeth of teenagers in Japan. Women are considered beautiful if they have long fangs on the upper teeth. They do not hesitate to go to the dentist’s clinic to shape their teeth into sharp and crooked teeth. There are several procedures to make fangs like the picture above, both temporary and permanent. The doctor will attach small fangs to the existing teeth. The teeth will protrude slightly as if they have fangs. This appearance is called Yaeba which means layered teeth or double teeth.

  1. Powder made from bird droppings and discolored teeth in Japan

Another unique tradition of looking beautiful from Japan that was carried out by ancient geishas. They blackened their teeth as a symbol of beauty called Ohaguro. This unique habit is done so that Japanese women are considered attractive by the opposite sex. Until the end of the 19th century, people were still indoctrinated with the statement that the characteristics of a beautiful and attractive woman were those who had black teeth. In addition, Geisha also use very thick make-up until the whole face turns white. What’s unique is that the powder used is made from nightingale droppings mixed with rice flour, eitss.. this nightingale droppings have no smell!

  1. Hair with horns from the hair of ancestors in the Myamo Tribe, China

This unique tradition of looking beautiful is carried out by the Myamo tribe in China. They make horns from the hair of their deceased ancestors. The children of the Myamo tribe collect the hair that belongs to their grandmother when she was still alive while combing. This tradition is believed to originate from the habit of people who consider cows to be sacred animals so that they make horn hair as a symbol of cows. This headdress is usually used during celebrations both on weddings and holidays.

  1. Lotus feet in China

Another unique tradition of looking beautiful from China, women who have tiny legs are considered to have beauty and prosperity. Making these feet is done on them from a young age, namely at the age of 4-7 years. Their feet are smeared using herbs and animal blood so that the legs become weak and bent like that. The process of making feet is quite long and painful, you know. Unfortunately they can also have an infection that causes their feet to smell bad. So that the stench does not spread, owners of tiny feet must wear socks. But even so, petite-legged women are preferred by men, you know!

  1. Fat is beautiful in Mauritania, West Africa

Many women crave a slim and ideal body shape. But this does not apply to the citizens of Mauritania because of the unique tradition of looking beautiful women there competing to be fat. In addition to the provisions to quickly get a husband, having a fat body is also a symbol of prosperity. Since the age of 8, women in Mauritania have been consuming high fat to make their bodies fat. Meanwhile, according to the view of men in Mauritania, a fat woman is not only beautiful but also healthy so as to be able to give them many offspring.

  1. Full body and face tattoos on Amazon

Every woman wants smooth and beautiful skin. But in contrast to the unique tradition of this beautiful Amazonian tribe. The women in the Amazon tribe actually tattooed their whole body to the face to have a beautiful and attractive appearance. They tattooed all over their bodies and faces with plants and animal blood.

  1. Using cosmetics was dangerous in Ancient Egypt

The beauty of Ancient Egyptian women is indeed very legendary, especially Cleopatra. Apparently a unique tradition of looking beautiful that they do is to apply makeup using hazardous materials such as lead, copper, galena (tin sulfide) and kohl (a paste-shaped material made from a mixture of tin/iron ore). Whereas cosmetics with these ingredients can make facial skin peel and damage the skin.

  1. Scraping the body in the Karo Tribe, Ethiopia

The unique tradition of looking beautiful is then carried out by men and women of the Karo tribe in Ethiopia by scratching their bodies using sharp objects. If the men scratched their chests to show the success of the war, the women scratched their bodies to make them look beautiful. The scratches they made were smeared with plant essence and dark-colored materials such as charcoal and gunpowder.

  1. Using Yapping Hullo in the Apatani Tribe, East India

The Apatani people live in the Ziro valley in the state of Arunachal Pradesh in East India. It is said that these Apatani women are among the most beautiful women among the Arunachal tribe. So beautiful they had to make themselves ugly and unattractive to protect themselves from other tribes who took it. Therefore they decided to wear a Yapping Hullo or nose plug made of large wooden plugs and attached to their noses. Plugs made of large pieces of wood do make them look unattractive. But for the Apatani tribe itself, this tradition makes men view women as the most beautiful among other tribes

  1. Long neck in Kayan Tribe, Thailand

The next unique tradition of looking beautiful comes from Thailand. This long neck is not congenital. They use coils or brass bracelets to attach to their necks since they were 5 years old. The bracelet attached to the neck will be replaced periodically, you know, guys. The weight of the bracelet makes the collarbone push down and press the ribs so that the neck becomes long. This coil will not be removed unless it is replaced with a higher one.

  1. Sharpening teeth in the Bagobo Tribe, Philippines

If young people in Japan only sharpen their canines, then the unique tradition of looking beautiful Bagobo women actually sharpens all their teeth. Having pointy teeth doesn’t make them scary, but it actually makes them look more beautiful. They must be willing to endure the pain when sharpening their teeth using wood or bamboo. So, even this sharpening of teeth takes a long time to be really sharp and beautiful.

  1. Long ears of the Dayak Tribe,

The unique tradition of looking beautiful Dayak women is to have long ears that hang down to the shoulders. To lengthen the ears, women of the Dayak tribe use metal or gold earrings in large numbers. That said, you can know the age of the Dayak woman by simply counting the number of earrings. The length of the ears and the number of earrings can also be used as a marker of their social status.

  1. Lip plate or lip plate in the Mursi Tribe, Ethiopia

Women in the Mursi Tribe have a unique tradition of looking beautiful. They use the plate in his mouth. It is said that the wider the mouth, the more beautiful the woman is. Women in the Mursi tribe use this plate on the lips from the age of 13 to 16 years. Their mother will slice their child’s lower lip 1 to 2 cm long. Then the plate was put in the hole in his lip. Plates will be replaced periodically with larger ones.

  1. Bagel Head in Canada

Bagel head is one of the unique traditions of looking beautiful at the extreme originating from Canada. But then this trend developed among young Japanese children. Bagel head is done by injecting saline under the skin on the forehead. When enough fluid is inserted, the forehead then enlarges to form a lump. The center of the lump will then be pressed so that it forms an indentation just like the shape of a bagel.

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