Looking for Cheap Shopping Places in Japan ? The country of Japan or commonly called the country of Sakura is a country that is most in demand by tourists from all over the world, who doesn’t want to take a vacation to this country? Surely you are very interested in this country right. Although known for the high cost of living, there are still places to shop at low prices. Well, this time we have some recommendations for cheap shopping places in Japan that Travelers can check out so that when on vacation to Sakura country, they are not confused about choosing a good, comfortable, and certainly cheap shopping place.

  1. Don Quijote

The first cheap shopping place in Japan that you must visit is Don Quijote. This shopping place is located in the capital city of Japan, namely Tokyo, Don Quijote itself is a shopping place that provides many attractive discounts, you don’t need to be afraid of your wallet crying to buy souvenirs or souvenirs in Japan. Just visit this store, guaranteed to have attractive discounts, Don Quijote store itself is very easy to find, because this shopping store has spread over 160 locations in Japan, and this store has the advantage that tourists can use Ginren Card or Union Pay without being charged little tax fee.

  1. Hankyu Department Store

In second place is the Hankyu Department Store, different from the previous main items sold as souvenirs. Hankyu Department Store sells a variety of men’s and women’s fashion products, you can find this store in the cities of Osaka and Fukuoka. Hankyu Department Store is the right choice for those of you who want to shop for clothes in Japan without being afraid of your wallet crying. Fashion that is sold not only comes from local, but also comes from abroad. So what are you waiting for, fashion lovers? don’t forget to go to this one place!

  1. Daiso Japan

Surely you are already familiar with this one name, namely Daiso Japan. This cheap shopping place is very popular among tourists visiting Japan. Daiso Japan itself is located in Shibuya, this shop sells a variety of unique items such as folding fans, tenugui or Japanese towels, various types of unique toys can also be found here. Anyway, don’t miss this popular shop!

  1. Yodobashi Camera

The next cheap shopping place is Yodobashi Camera, for those of you who love cameras and electronic goods, you really have to visit Yodobashi Camera. This shop provides a variety of electronic goods such as laptops, watches, and the main item sold by Yodobashi Camera is Cameras. The prices of goods here are sold at affordable prices, so tourists who like photography certainly don’t miss this one shop. This shop is located in the city of Tokyo, so take note of it for photography lovers.

  1. Nakamise Dori

Nakamise Dori is a cheap shopping place that has the oldest age in Asakusa, this shopping place is located in the city of Tokyo. In the Nakamise Dori area there are about 50 shops lined up neatly along the streets. The shop sells a variety of souvenirs, wooden dolls, kimonos, and various other Japanese souvenirs at affordable prices. Not only goods, but at Nakamise Dori there are also various kinds of Japanese street food that you must try when visiting here.

  1. Shinsaibashi Shopping Street

If Shibuya has Daiso Japan, Osaka has Shinsaibashi Shopping Street. Shinsaibashi Shopping street is a famous cheap shopping place in the city of Osaka, this shopping place is visited by many tourists from Indonesia, you know!. To the extent that you can find the words “Welcome” when visiting this Shinsaibashi Shopping Street.

  1. Ginza

Not inferior to the Hankyu Department Store, Ginza also sells various well-known fashions in the world. This shopping place is the target of young people who like to buy branded goods such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Swarovski, and other branded goods. But don’t worry, for those of you who want to find good fashion but at affordable prices Ginza provides unbranded products that can have friendly prices for visiting tourists.

  1. Can Do

The next popular shop that sells goods at low prices but quality is Can Do. This gift shop is located in the city of Tokyo, in this shop you can find various kinds of Japanese accessories and souvenirs. This Can Do shop is spread in areas of Japan such as the city of Tokyo, Kyoto, Fukuoka, and Hokkaido. This Can Do shop has friendly prices for visitors, the price starts with 100 yen or the equivalent of Rp. 13,000 including tax. So if you want to shop for accessories or souvenirs at a friendly price, you can visit this one shop!

  1. Shimokitazawa

Shimokitazawa is the next place for fashion shopping in Japan, Shimokitazawa itself is located in the city of Tokyo. This store provides a variety of branded goods such as Thrasher, Stussy and Vans. In addition to well-known branded goods, Shimokitazawa also sells vintage goods that are liked by young people, these vintage goods are imported products from America. In addition to fashion, in Smikokitazawa also provides a cafe to relax while looking for cheap and quality outfits.


  1. Ameya Yokocho Shopping Street

Ameya Yokocho Shopping Street is a shopping center located in the city of Tokyo. More precisely, it is along the road from Ueno Station to Okachimachi Station. Ameya Yokocho Shopping Street sells various kinds of household goods such as spices, kitchen utensils and so on. Not only selling household necessities, but Ameya Yokocho Shopping Street also sells jewelry! Complete deh this one place.


  1. Matsumoto Kiyoshi

Not only about fashion, souvenirs and souvenirs. GoTravelly also has recommendations for drugstores and cosmetic stores that have affordable prices, namely Matsumoto Kiyoshi. Matsumoto Kiyoshi is a very famous drug store in Japan. This shop also sells a variety of cosmetic equipment made in Japan at a friendly price. This shop is open 24 hours, so you don’t have to worry about closing it!


  1. Harajuku Street

The last cheap shopping place in Japan is Harajuku Street, this shopping place is a cool shopping spot. Harajuku Street sells a wide selection of accessories and of course sells clothes in the Harajuku style. On Harajuku Street, you will definitely find a group of young Japanese people dressed in typical Harajuku clothes. Very interesting isn’t it? So don’t miss this one place.

So, how about Travelers? GoTravelly has provided 12 places to shop in the country of Sakura, which of course are at affordable prices for Indonesian tourists. So don’t forget to write it down carefully! So that when traveling to Japan you are no longer confused about finding a good, comfortable and cheap place to shop.

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