There are quite a lot of springs with magical myths in this world. Most of the springs are indeed used as daily needs by the local community, not even a few are used as tourist destinations. Well, if you are interested in taking a vacation to the world’s springs, don’t miss to visit a row of well-known springs with the following magical myths.

  1. Cool Waterfall, Philippines

You can find the first magical mythical spring in the world in the Philippines. This beautiful waterfall is well known sacred to the local community because it is able to cure various diseases.

Located in Bato City, this waterfall is quite unique because the water does not flow from the highland river. There are no rivers or springs on the hill above the waterfall. In fact, some of the land has been used as agricultural land. It is still a mystery how this waterfall can flow from the cracks of the cliff edge which is covered by greenery.

  1. Chinoike Jigoku, Japan

Japan also has one of the world’s magical mythical springs called Chinoike Jigoku. This spring is often also referred to as a pool of blood water which is one of the eight famous hot springs in Japan. The temperature of this hot water also reaches 90 degrees Celsius, no wonder local people call it hell.

This Chinoike Jigoku has its own uniqueness because the water is blood red. Not only the water, the steam that comes out is also reddish. The hot water in this natural pool is believed to have health benefits, even here visitors can also buy a special ointment made from clay around the pool. Called very good for health because hot water is created due to the high concentration of iron salts in the area.

  1. Boiling Lake, Dominican Republic

The source of springs with magical myths in the next unique world is the Boiling Lake or boiling lake. This boiling lake is in Dominica, precisely in the Morne Trois Pitons National Park.

If the lake is usually flowed with cold water, then this lake is flowed with hot and even boiling water. You can see hot and thick puffs of smoke from a distance when you visit this lake. The water temperature of this lake ranges from 89 to 91.5 degrees Celsius. The lake, which was first discovered by Watt and Dr. Nicholls in 1870, has been included in a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In 2007, a filmmaker named George Kourounis managed to cross this lake and since then the lake’s popularity has increased to several countries.

  1. Hot Water Beach, New Zealand

If you visit New Zealand, you will also find one of the world’s magical mythical springs known as Hot Water Beach. Hot Water Beach is a hot spring that comes out on the east coast of the Coromendel Peninsula, precisely on a beach called Hot Water Beach.

This hot spring is located by the beach and many visitors come just to soak in the hot spring. You simply dig the beach sand to accommodate the water that comes out of the earth’s surface, the deeper you dig, the warmer the water temperature will be.

  1. Yanar Bulaq, Azerbaijan

Yanar Bulaq is one of the springs with magical myths in the world which is quite interesting to visit because it is quite unique. As we know, water and fire are two opposite substances, but the springs here can ignite even when exposed to fire. This is what makes Yanar Bulaq unique.

This Yanar Bulaq flows with metal pipes that stand in a small pavilion. The spring, which is also known as the Burning Spring, can burn because the water here contains very high methane gas, which makes it flammable. Locals believe that this spring has healing or healing properties. Although fires can be lit with this water, they also often take it to drink.

  1. Grand Prismatric Hot Spring, United States

You can find a spring with a magical myth in the next world in Wyoming, United States, namely the Grand Prismatic Hot Spring. Grand Prismatric Hot Spring is a giant hot spring pool that is part of Yellowstone National Park.

The springs here have a rainbow-like color, that is, the center is bright blue, green and yellow on the outside and orange-red on the outer side. The colors come from a type of bacteria that forms a microbial layer around the lake waters. Not only the color is unique, the temperature of the water in this lake also changes and affects the color pigments produced by bacteria.

  1. Fly Geyser, United States of America

Still in the United States, there is a spring with a magical myth in the world that you should not miss, namely the Fly Geyser. Fly Geyser is a natural attraction located in Washoe County, Nevada and is a unique tour because it is a rainbow colored geothermal geyser.

Fly Geyser is not a natural phenomenon that occurs naturally, but a well that was deliberately dug in 1964 to explore geothermal energy sources. When the well had to be re-closed, the effort was unsuccessful so the well started spitting out minerals continuously until it piled up around the geyser and settled into a growing mound of travertine.

  1. The Spring That Turns Anything into Stone, England

You can find springs with magical myths in the world that are quite unique, you can find them in England. This spring sits on the banks of the Nidd Knaresborough River in North Yorkshire and is known to turn anything into stone. That said, not only inanimate objects can turn into stone, but living things can also become stone if exposed to water here.

Local people believe that the spring here has been cursed by the devil so that various objects around it turn to stone after several months of being exposed to the water. Although it sounds quite terrible, a historian named John Lelon says that the springs here are actually able to cure diseases. A scientist who studied this water said if this spring contains minerals that are very high so that they are able to form a layer on the surface of the object. This layer will harden and become stone in a long time.

  1. Dallol Green Crater, Ethiopia

Dallol Green Crater in Ethiopia is also one of the world’s magical mythical springs. Dallol is a volcanic crater in the heart of the Danokil desert.

At first glance, this crater is like a lake with beautiful green water. Not only that, the scenery around it is very beautiful with bright green and yellow rocks. Dallol Green Crater is made up of hot springs with a high acid content, sulfur hills, salt mounds and the occasional geyser that emits gas. This crater is referred to as one of the hottest places on earth with temperatures reaching 94 degrees Fahrenheit and having poisonous gases that can erupt at any time. No wonder the Dallol Green Crater is one of the most beautiful places but also dangerous.

  1. Ijen Crater, Indonesia

The last source of water with magical myths in the world is Ijen Crater in . Ijen Crater is located between Bondowoso and Banyuwangi regencies or right at the top of Mount Ijen.

Ijen Crater has a beautiful view with a beautiful water color, which is light blue-green. This beautiful crater is also known as one of the crater lakes with the highest acid content in the world. The acid content there is very concentrated so that it can eliminate objects that are plunged into it.

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